Omran & Maskan Isfahan Company (OMIC) started shortly after the Islamic Revolution of Iran. OMIC started work under the name of Mo’assese-y-e Tolid-e Maskan (Housing Provision Institute), Iran Central Branch, in May-June 1988, carrying out projects in Isfahan (Isfahan) satellite towns of Shahin Shahr, Khane Isfahan, Malek Shahr, and Baharestan.

Six years later in 1994, the institute took several measures and was renamed to Sherkat-e Tolid-e Maskan (Housing Provision Company). Later in 1995, the company expanded its area of construction activities in the said towns and made a few changes in its articles of association; it was renamed, afterward, to Sherkat-e Omran va Tolid-e Maskan (Housing Development and Provision Company).

The company carried out most of its projects in Shahin Shahr, Malek Shahr, Khane Isfahan, and Baharestan from 1995 to 1999, but it expanded its area of business to other parts of Iran in 1999 and felt its name needed to be changed again to reflect this expansion. Therefore, Sherkat-e Omran va Tose’e-y-e Maskan (Housing Development and Construction Company) came to be known as Sherkat-e Omran va Maskan-e Iran/Omran va Maskan Iran Company (OMIC).

In 2008, OMIC was appointed as a key company in the housing and urban development sector, acquiring 7 housing and urban development companies from around Iran. 

Adopting a smart specialization approach, OMIC registered the OMIC under no. 50372 in early 2013 for a more effective macromanagement. OMIC transferred its executive and expert staff to OMIC, and shifted its focus on making policies and setting general strategies for the management of its subsidiaries. It passed construction and development responsibilities to OMIC and its affiliates.

Thanks to this useful management approach and through the efforts of its expert and experienced staff who are well versed in both management and technical affairs, OMIC has been able perform numerous mass housing, road construction, urban development, contracting, and investment projects in several metropolises in Iran such as Isfahan, Tehran, Mashhad, Shiraz, and Yazd, and play the same significant role in Iran production and development as those of other subsidiaries of OMIC and Paya Saman Pars Company.


دعوت به نظرسنجی

کاربر گرامی در صورت تمایل با مراجعه به بخش نظر سنجی و تکمیل فرم ها ما را در تعیین سطح رضایت مشتریان و متقاضیان خدمات خود، یاری بفرمایید.

بی‌تردید نتایج ارزشمند این نظرسنجی می‌تواند در ارتقای سطح کیفی خدمات شرکت عمران مسکن اصفهان و تامین رضایت بیش از پیش مشتریان بسیار موثر و کارساز باشد.

شرکت در نظر سنجی

امیدواریم با ارایه خدماتی شایسته بتوانیم همواره رضایت شما مشتریان عزیز را به دست آوریم.