Becoming the first mass housing company in Isfahan Province using knowledge management and modern technologies


Enlisting qualified, dedicated workforce, using latest technologies to construct towns and residential, commercial, office, and recreational complexes/buildings, and offering high-quality and durable products in total harmony with our stakeholders and customers’ interests

Company Goals

    • Boosting production and increasing the agility of the production process
    • Diversifying products to meet customer demands/satisfy customers
    • Selling surplus, unused assets and accelerating the dynamism of the company resources by increasing current and immediate ratios
    • Satisfying all stakeholders to the maximum
    • Enhancing the quality of construction products
    • Winning Iran’s National Excellence and Progress Award
    • Empowering the workforce and improving the productivity indicators


    • Organizing and focusing all activities and plans on the company Mission and Goals
    • Scrutinizing the market to meet demands and keep and increase the company’s share
    • Industrializing and improving construction technologies
    • Establishing synergy between the company subsidiaries and the Foundation
    • Increasing the market share with an emphasis on adding to the portfolio value
    • Formulating and executing medium-term market and sale plans
    • Identifying and managing stakeholders in order to enhance satisfaction
    • Counting assets, defining new projects to create value, and transferring surplus assets
    • Executing human resource strategies to improve the company’s productivity indicators and intellectual resources
    • Designing and enforcing a system for product cost management
    • Creating a sustainable supply chain
    • Making presence in Stock Exchange and Capital Market

دعوت به نظرسنجی

کاربر گرامی در صورت تمایل با مراجعه به بخش نظر سنجی و تکمیل فرم ها ما را در تعیین سطح رضایت مشتریان و متقاضیان خدمات خود، یاری بفرمایید.

بی‌تردید نتایج ارزشمند این نظرسنجی می‌تواند در ارتقای سطح کیفی خدمات شرکت عمران مسکن اصفهان و تامین رضایت بیش از پیش مشتریان بسیار موثر و کارساز باشد.

شرکت در نظر سنجی

امیدواریم با ارایه خدماتی شایسته بتوانیم همواره رضایت شما مشتریان عزیز را به دست آوریم.