Recent advancements in the technology and know-how have made it possible to produce formable and flexible materials which were once thought to be unattainable. In recent years, architects have paid a considerable attention on using GFRC and GFRG materials and taking advantage of them in the design and execution of the building facades.

Today, taking advantage of sublime expertise of Iranian engineers and craftsmen, these materials are produced in Pars Nama business unit affiliated with Omran & Maskan Esfahan Co., having some significant qualifications such as excellent formability which correspond to the design, durability, and lightening of the structure.

In order to indigenize the process of design, production, and implementation of GFRC and GFRG parts, an allover investigation was performed among the most creditworthy producers of the product in the world. As a result of these investigations, which resulted in transferring of pertaining knowhow.

At present, Pars Nama business unit affiliated with Omran & Maskan Esfahan Co. operates in various fields such as; design, production and execution of building facades, city furniture, and interior decoration taking advantage of GFRC at international levels.

دعوت به نظرسنجی

کاربر گرامی در صورت تمایل با مراجعه به بخش نظر سنجی و تکمیل فرم ها ما را در تعیین سطح رضایت مشتریان و متقاضیان خدمات خود، یاری بفرمایید.

بی‌تردید نتایج ارزشمند این نظرسنجی می‌تواند در ارتقای سطح کیفی خدمات شرکت عمران مسکن اصفهان و تامین رضایت بیش از پیش مشتریان بسیار موثر و کارساز باشد.

شرکت در نظر سنجی

امیدواریم با ارایه خدماتی شایسته بتوانیم همواره رضایت شما مشتریان عزیز را به دست آوریم.